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"Looking Into My Dreams, Awilda" by Spanish artist Jaume Plensa.

Plensa created the iconic Crown Fountain in Millennium Park which displays the images of 1,000 Chicagoans. To celebrate the installation’s 10 year anniversary, Plensa created four more faces made of cast iron, marble, and fiberglass. The new installations are called “1,004 Portraits” and Awilda (located Madison and Michigan) marks the divide between the north and south sides of the city. 

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It’s refreshing to see the Old Courthouse in St. Louis actively educate its visitors on the history of slavery in general and the Dredd Scott case in particular. Too often we ignore the darker sides of American history in our public spaces, but the Old Courthouse is doing a great service in terms of education and commemoration. If we want to celebrate America’s achievements, we have to acknowledge its failings as well. Our history is full of “great” white men but systematic oppression stopped women and people of color from reaching the same heights, or for being remembered for the great heights they did reach. It’s a legacy that still reverberates today and one we can’t afford to forget.

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Rode an absolutely grueling 13 mile ride in Defiance, MO. At one point I was going so slowly that a couple with white hair easily passed me. I figured I was just supremely out of shape, but at the end of the ride my dad discovered my front brake was stuck and I had essentially been riding a resistance bike for an hour and a half. It was both the best and the worst discovery of my life.

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